A Great History – A Compelling Future

parkview-churchSunday, October 2 was a day of celebration at Staunton Church of Christ as the church gathered to mark their seventy-fifth anniversary. Not only a significant day for the congregation gathered in Staunton, this Sunday was also a celebration in the history of Waypoint Church Partners. On October 5, 1941, with a grant of $44.85 from the VEF to pay rent and build pews, the first Waypoint-sponsored church was launched.

During the service, the congregation remembered what God has done with some great old hymns and pictures of previous days of ministry shown on the screen. But the theme for the day was not just reflecting on the past, but allowing the past to become a springboard into the future. Accompanied by dramatic presentations based on the parable of the lost sheep, coin, and boy in Luke 15, minister Barry Creasey cast a compelling vision of an outreach-focused church. As the service came to a conclusion, the congregation was directed to the front yard for the unveiling of the church’s new name – Parkview Christian Church.

As I sat in the service that day, learning about Parkview’s significant prayer ministry and multiple outreach initiatives, I thanked God for the thousands of people who had walked through the doors of Parkview Christian and the 500 souls who had been baptized into Christ there. And as I reflected, I realized that only God knew in 1941 the full Kingdom impact of that first Waypoint church plant.

As I drove away from Parkview Christian Church, I was overwhelmed with the knowledge that every person and church who has ever contributed to, prayed for, and worked with Waypoint Church Partners has an eternity of celebration waiting – celebration around the throne of God with His Lamb and with thousands of people who have come to know Christ through Waypoint church plants not only in Virginia, but across the mid-Atlantic region and around the world.

Thank you, Parkview Christian, for becoming our first church plant seventy-five years ago. And thank you, all of you who, through your sacrificial gifts, prayers, and hard work, have allowed us to plant dozens more!

neil wheeler - circleNeil Wheeler
Director of Leader Care


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