A Healthy Eldership: Waypoint Can Help Point the Way

Multi-ethnic men talkingWaypoint exists to help churches and leaders navigate uncharted ministry waters. Much of our time and energy is spent with ministers. We also advise and equip elders to chart the course and navigate through ministry challenges.

Here is a quick list of some of the services we provide to elders:

Elder Meeting Coaching
Waypoint staff can visit your elders’ meetings to give feedback and advice for creating a more effective leadership environment.

Elder Retreats
Waypoint staff can help you plan and deliver a great Elders’ Retreat designed to help your church elders focus and stay on track for the important mission entrusted to them.

Hiring Service
Waypoint staff can coach elders faced with the task of creating a comprehensive process for hiring a new senior minister or associate staff.

Strategic Consultations
Waypoint staff often advise elders about specific topics to provide broader perspective and wisdom. Recent consultations have included same-sex/transgender issues, bylaws revisions, long-range planning, incorporation & 501(c)(3) filing, merger discussions, and more.

For more information on how Waypoint Church Partners can help grow and serve your elders, contact Tim Cole at tcole@waypointchurchpartners.com.

Tim Cole headshot - circle smTim Cole
Executive Director

This article was originally published in The Waypoint Endeavor: Spring 2016 edition. If you would like to receive future printed editions of the VEF Quarterly, please send your name and mailing address to rwoolard@waypointchurchpartners.com



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