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Are You Praying For Your Church Elders? 4 Prayers that will Bless Them (and Benefit You)!

Posted in Outside Article Reference, Prayer Request on June 22, 2016 by Waypoint Church Partners

“Have confidence in your leaders and submit to their authority, because they keep watch over you as those who must give an account. Do this so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no benefit to you. Pray for us . . .”
      — Hebrews 13:2, NIV

iStock_000019212646SmallWhen is the last time you stopped to pray earnestly for the elders of your church? According to the Hebrew writer, they will one day have to “give an account” of how they led the Lord’s church under their care. It’s a sobering thought to have to stand before Christ and justify your actions.

Elders are just men, often from different walks of life, different generations, and at different stages of maturity in their faith. They’re human, prone to sin and imperfection. They don’t always make the right decisions.  They make mistakes. But most have the best interest of the flock in their hearts and minds.

When is the last time you intentionally, earnestly prayed for the elders of your church? They need it! Here are four specific areas you can pray for concerning the elders of your church:

Wisdom: Discerning the needs of the people, settling disputes among the church family, and overseeing the proper stewardship of giving all require much wisdom.  Elders often feel, as even Solomon did, under-qualified to lead the people of God.
Pray that God would grant the elders of your church the spiritual insight they need to fulfill their duties.

Vision: A good shepherd knows where to lead his flock and is always on the lookout for danger.  The elders of your church have been commissioned not to maintain the church but to grow it. They are looking for new ways to invest in the spiritual well-being of its people and to impact the community at large.
Pray that your elders will be given a vision for the future of the church that is in line with God’s vision and that they will hear the voice of the Great Shepherd leading them as they lead others.

Stamina: The elders of your church were selected because they manage their own households well. Elders are usually men with time and experience in leadership or management roles.
Leadership takes a toll. An elder gets tired in his body and in his spirit. He desperately needs the strength that God provides to adequately fulfill his ministry. Pray for health, endurance, vigor and grit for your elders. They need it!

Unity: One committee meeting can demonstrate how easily Christians disagree and get sideways with each other.  Satan loves disunity and disharmony in the church. Just look how many different churches there are!
Elders must strive to maintain unity within their own group and in the church to be effective shepherds. It is important for you to pray that the elders have unity among them and an ability to foster unity in the church.

So please… pray for your elders. It will bless you as much as them.

*Adapted from an article by Todd Brown on Bridge Christian Church’s Blog at
Todd is the Senior Minister of Bridge Christian Church in Fishersville, VA.