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Advent: Waiting. Longing.

Posted in Worship on December 15, 2014 by Waypoint Church Partners

Those of us who are passionate about justice, imagine with me for a minute. Picture living in a society that cowers in fear of those in authority. Imagine how it would be to live under a ruler who could order the beheading of a religious leader on a whim, or the mass slaughter of young boys in a sick attempt to maintain his own power.

These people were crying out for a Deliverer, a Savior. In this situation, for whom – or what – would you pray? Would you protest and try to take military action? Would you pray and work for new leadership? Would you just keep your head down and complain, despairing it would ever improve?

Longing. Waiting. Advent.

Into this society (occupied Judea, under King Herod) God didn’t send a revolution. He didn’t send a military coup. He didn’t overthrow the government or even set things in place for a democratic society.

He sent a baby.
A baby that would grow up to live and speak and demonstrate LOVE. Love transcending the bounds of society, government, even family.
Then, when everyone was expecting him to deliver them from their society, their oppression, the despair all around them, what did he do? He died. The society KILLED HIM. The religious people KILLED HIM. The government KILLED HIM.

But God hadn’t sent His Son to be an earthly ruler or military leader, or even a community demonstrator. He had sent him as a cosmic, be-all, end-all sacrifice. He died to make us right with God.

This baby, this man, this Deliverer, is still the hope for mankind. He is still the hope for you. He will deliver you from oppression and despair. Seek him out – like the shepherds and the scholars. Wait for him and rejoice – like Simeon and Anna in the temple. Accept him as the gift and sacrifice and live in love.

Jamie HatfieldJamie Hatfield
Former VEF Board Member
Administrator at Living Water Christian Church