Back to School… Again.

Let me tell you a few things about myself: I’m 28 years old. I already have a good undergraduate degree. I went to Johnson University (back in the old days when it was still JBC) and have a very practical degree in Media Communications. Oh, and a great job with the VEF. So… why on earth would I disrupt my entire life and go back to school now?

If I’m being honest, part of it is just because God opened up the doors necessary to make it easy. My now-husband, Zach, got an entry-level job as an Academic Advisor for Liberty University Online; They are growing like crazy. The job itself was a blessing, but the perks are the real kicker: free school. For him and for me. More than that, though, is that I’ve learned a lot about myself and about the church since I graduated in 2009. Working with the VEF has exposed me to my own strengths and weaknesses, and some of the strengths and weaknesses of the church as a whole.

My 1st day at Johnson in 2004. My, how things have changed.

My very first day at Johnson in 2004.

There are so many churches that are struggling with communicating their message of hope to the younger generation (those in their 20s-30s). These churches desperately want to speak the truth of Christ’s love into their lives, but there is a language barrier… well, of sorts.

With the constant advancement of modern technology, marketing firms, HD video, smartphones, and much more, young adults of today are incredibly visually savvy. Whether or not they personally can draw, code, or produce, they still innately understand concepts like quality, success, and virality through media. In other words, when it comes to the media you use (or don’t use) to promote your church, they instinctively know whether or not you know what you’re doing and they make assumptions about your church all along the way.

Since graduating, my passion has become helping churches connect visually with their target demographic. Creating logos, print materials, branding, building websites… all of those things that the 20-somethings have grown up surrounded by. But for me there is still so much to learn.

That’s why I made the commitment to turn my life upside down for a while to pursue a BFA in Graphic Design – in hopes that the quality of the media I can produce for churches will grow and grow. Because the church needs people that can speak this visual language fluently, and the world needs people who can help translate the message of the gospel into the lives of the lost.

Rachel Woolard headshot - circle smRachel Woolard
Director of Media


6 Responses to “Back to School… Again.”

  1. From the former fellow Bible College girl who now holds a degree in journalism and has worked in branding for the last 2 years, I say ‘HEAR, HEAR!” Grateful for people such as yourself using their gifts for the church.

  2. Congratulations on this big step. I’ll be anxious to see how God uses your passion and new preparation.

  3. As you connect your God given talents to his purposes, he will bless them in ways we will never fully comprehend. He tests us in our endeavors, at times with a death of a vision only to see if our faith in him is genuine. Hold on to what you believe he has given you to do. Keep the faith, Depend upon his plans and purposes over your own, and he will give you success.

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