Togo Christian Mission

You may have heard: The International Conference on Missions (ICOM) is coming to Richmond, Virginia in 2015! To learn more about what this means for churches in Virginia and beyond, visit our previous post about it by clicking here.

This includes an initiative, started by the VEF, to plant seven churches worldwide in conjunction with 2015 year of ICOM. This includes a church in all six of the habitable continents: specifically the Brazilian Amazon (South America), Minsk, Belarus (Europe), Togo (West Africa), East India (Asia), Auckland, New Zealand (Pacific Islands), Northern Virginia AND Toronto, Canada (North America).

tcm-logo-1The African church plant to be funded at ICOM in 2015 is in Togo, West Africa. The mission is led by Hammer and Dela Afakule, full-time missionaries in Hammer’s homeland of Togo. Hammer trained in Ghana at Ghana Bible College. Their son, Dovene, has just graduated from Johnson University, Tennessee and he and his wife, Sara, a registered nurse, will join the team in Togo early in 2014. Their outreach includes a medical ministry, Christian school, and community development. All outreach areas assist in building relationships for Church Planting, which is at the core of Togo Christian Mission.

LeadersHammer disciples four men in Togo so that they will make disciples who in turn make more disciples; continuation of this process will result in new church plants across the country. Currently, they are working in a village called “Sad Village.” Dovene says, “It is a village full of Voodoo worship, and it is very difficult sharing the gospel, particularly to the adults in that village. But children are open to hearing the gospel. God is praised that through these children their parents’ hearts may be open to become followers of Christ.” Right now, Hammer is going with the four church planters to some of the houses in the Sad Village to build relationships with the people and share with them how to become a follower of Christ. The goal is to train those leaders to plant a new church plant in that village.

Baptism2Please pray for Togo Christian Mission as they continue to sow the seed of the gospel in “Sad Village,” and that by 2015 they will be ready to plant a strong and thriving church in that area of Togo.

Please add ICOM church planting to your prayers and read more about this wonderful mission at

If you would like to support the effort to begin the church in Sad Village, contact: Dave Hileman, 757-897-0223 or

Dave Hileman headshot - circle smDave Hileman
Executive Director


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