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Togo Christian Mission

Posted in Church Planting, Prayer Request on December 17, 2013 by Waypoint Church Partners

You may have heard: The International Conference on Missions (ICOM) is coming to Richmond, Virginia in 2015! To learn more about what this means for churches in Virginia and beyond, visit our previous post about it by clicking here.

This includes an initiative, started by the VEF, to plant seven churches worldwide in conjunction with 2015 year of ICOM. This includes a church in all six of the habitable continents: specifically the Brazilian Amazon (South America), Minsk, Belarus (Europe), Togo (West Africa), East India (Asia), Auckland, New Zealand (Pacific Islands), Northern Virginia AND Toronto, Canada (North America).

tcm-logo-1The African church plant to be funded at ICOM in 2015 is in Togo, West Africa. The mission is led by Hammer and Dela Afakule, full-time missionaries in Hammer’s homeland of Togo. Hammer trained in Ghana at Ghana Bible College. Their son, Dovene, has just graduated from Johnson University, Tennessee and he and his wife, Sara, a registered nurse, will join the team in Togo early in 2014. Their outreach includes a medical ministry, Christian school, and community development. All outreach areas assist in building relationships for Church Planting, which is at the core of Togo Christian Mission.

LeadersHammer disciples four men in Togo so that they will make disciples who in turn make more disciples; continuation of this process will result in new church plants across the country. Currently, they are working in a village called “Sad Village.” Dovene says, “It is a village full of Voodoo worship, and it is very difficult sharing the gospel, particularly to the adults in that village. But children are open to hearing the gospel. God is praised that through these children their parents’ hearts may be open to become followers of Christ.” Right now, Hammer is going with the four church planters to some of the houses in the Sad Village to build relationships with the people and share with them how to become a follower of Christ. The goal is to train those leaders to plant a new church plant in that village.

Baptism2Please pray for Togo Christian Mission as they continue to sow the seed of the gospel in “Sad Village,” and that by 2015 they will be ready to plant a strong and thriving church in that area of Togo.

Please add ICOM church planting to your prayers and read more about this wonderful mission at

If you would like to support the effort to begin the church in Sad Village, contact: Dave Hileman, 757-897-0223 or

Dave Hileman headshot - circle smDave Hileman
Executive Director

Washington Post on nZone

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New Life Christian Church, a VEF church plant from 20 years ago, was featured in a recent article by the Washington Post, describing their Sport Complex and philosophy on ministry to the DC area:

At nZone in Chantilly, the body’s a temple, the church is a gym

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 11.21.34 AMJustin Kavanaugh remembers the first time he visited the hulking building set amid the strip malls of Chantilly. He walked around the trio of turf fields, the weight room, the group exercise studio and the massive basketball court. And he was awfully confused.

“I thought this was a church,” Kavanaugh says. “I was looking for stained-glass windows.”

Instead, he found himself in the nZone, an 83,000-square-foot athletic training facility that offers fitness classes, youth programs, leagues and — since shortly after that visit — specialized courses with Kavanaugh’s Sport and Speed Institute.

The only overt sign that there’s anything religious about the place? A few banners touting the New Life Christian Church, which runs the nZone as a nonprofit organization.

“Fairfax County is not the Bible Belt. This is an area where churches haven’t necessarily been perceived as good things,” says pastor Brett Andrews, who founded New Life two decades ago. So when his congregation finally secured the funds to buy a building, he was determined not to put up a typical church.

Dropping $10 million on a place that would sit empty most of the week didn’t make sense, Andrews says. And when New Life solicited advice on what folks in the area could use, the same response kept coming up: “We need more stuff to get kids off the street.” That’s why the nZone opened two years ago in a former Anheuser-Busch distribution plant.

It’s common for a church (or synagogue or mosque) to take an interest in physical fitness; many have some sort of recreation room on site, often reserved for members of the congregation. But this is a full-on recreation center, without a single space built specifically for worship. And the vast majority of people taking advantage of the facility have no connection to the church.

The external focus makes the situation even more unusual, explains Phil Ling, who runs a national church consulting firm. He has worked with congregations across the country and has never seen anything quite like the nZone. “It’s one thing to reach out,” Ling says. “It’s another to build a state-of-the-art athletic training facility for thousands of people.”

To read the rest of the article, click here.

The International Conference on Missions in Virginia

Posted in Church Planting, Waypoint Events on December 10, 2013 by Waypoint Church Partners
ICOM Full LogoExciting news! In 2015, the VEF will host the International Conference on Missions (ICOM). This event, formally known as the National Missionary Convention, will bring hundreds of missionaries from around the world. What an exciting opportunity for Virginia churches to learn from and minister to these incredible followers of Christ! The theme of the conference in 2015 is international and domestic Church Planting.
To celebrate, we will do something that has never been done before at ICOM! We are asking everyone in Virginia to attend ICOM and to share in an absolutely amazing project:

Together we can plant SEVEN (7) churches all around the world.

We have been praying and working with international missionaries to find excellent church planting organizations on every occupied continent and a multi-ethnic location in Virginia. We are thrilled to announce the seven locations for ICOM church plants across the globe:

North America: Canada  –  Toronto, partnering with Impact Canada
South America: Brazil  –  Amazon River Valley, partnering with Central Brazil Mission
Europe: Belarus  –  Minsk, partnering Impact Europe
Africa: Togo  –  partnering with the Togo Christian Mission
Asia: India  –  Chattisgarh, Bilaspur, partnering with Medical Mission India
South Pacific: New Zealand  –  Aukland partnering with South Pacific Christian Fellowship
North America: United States  –  Northern Virginia with the VEF
Church Plants Around the World Map
Pledges and funding for ICOM and the seven church plants are already over 60% of the goal but we are still in need of churches to pledge funds over the next 24 months. If you would like to know more, or have someone share the vision at your church or meeting please contact:
Larry Jones, Northside Christian Church, 757-595-5890
Malcolm Puckett, Christian Financial Resources, 757-560-8385
Tim Cole, VEF, 804-690-7919 or
Dave Hileman, VEF, 757-897-0223

Dave Hileman headshot - circle sm
Dave Hileman
Executive Director