Harry’s Firsthand Account of “Firsthand”

Firsthand: Ditching the Secondhand Religion for a Faith of Your Own
by Ryan and Josh Shook

firsthand-bookOne of the obvious failures of my ministry is that I have not been able to find the key to keep young people engaged in the Kingdom from post high school until they began to settle down in life with a job, marriage and children. This book is a great tool in helping this part of ministry.

These two guys, with a refreshing honesty, provide a path for young adults to find a “Faith of Your Own.”  First, they trace the path of their own lives, growing up in a home where their father was the pastor of a very successful church.  The expectations of living and sharing the Christian life were real.  But each man expresses how he was able to get past living on a secondhand faith of their parents and grandparents to become passionate Christ followers.

Then they present an plan to help those who are struggling with making their faith “Firsthand” and effective.  I give this book a full five Hazelnut Lattes.  All post-high school young people  should read this book and I recommend it a useful aid for church leaders to help young people find a “Firsthand Faith.”

Harry's Coffee CupHarry's Coffee CupHarry's Coffee CupHarry's Coffee CupHarry's Coffee Cup

Purchase “Firsthand” here on Amazon.com, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated back to the VEF.

Harry Gill headshot - circle smHarry Gill
Director of Church Resources


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