What Can Churches Learn From Disney World?

disney-cleaning-crew-billbergh-com“One jarring element can undermine a host of favorable impressions.

That’s why street cleaners at Disney World are given extra training at Disney University to ensure that they respond in a positive and helpful fashion to questions from departing Guests.

It might seem strange to train street cleaners in customer service, but Disney learned years ago that these cast members receive the greatest number of unstructured questions from park Guests.

To make sure that a Guest’s last – and lasting – impression after a wonderful day in the park isn’t ruined by a don’t-ask-me-it’s- not-my-job attitude, Disney provides three extra days of interpersonal skills training for the cleanup crew. Disney believes in a proactive approach to head off potentially damaging situations.”
Wow, many churches don’t even provide training or guidelines for greeters let alone people a bit more behind the scenes. And how many churches are providing a great experience for their guests leaving the worship service? Pick one team or person in your church and provide the training needed to do a great job with your guests and then on to the next group. Don’t let your guests leave without one more positive encounter with someone from your church.

Dave Hileman headshot - circle smDave Hileman
Executive Director


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