“No Matter the Cost” by Vance Brown

This book is for men. That is, men who have lived a while, who have made mistakes, who need redemption. It is an idea far beyond accountability, past judgment to the place of being a “band of brothers” and realizing that we are men of real worth to our Father God.

Using the Lord’s Prayer as the foundation of the book, the author presents a plan for the redemption of every man. He has the knack of using familiar books, quotes, movies and tons of Scripture to motivate men to fight the final battle.

A six weeks study guide has been developed and is included at the end of the book. There are also materials on the internet to develop a church-wide program for men that includes promotional material, sermon suggestions and graphics to promote it.

This is a great opportunity to minister to men who have fallen or men a little mature that have lived life a little and are wondering how to finish the second half of their lives. I give this book a stellar “5 HAZELNUT LATTES” rating and will be glad to discuss starting a program with any group interested.

Click here to buy the book today. A portion of the proceeds will be donated back to the VEF.


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