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Easter 2012

Posted in Church Planting on May 29, 2012 by Waypoint Church Partners

Sometimes it’s hard to look through the numbers, but we’ll try and break it down for you:

As a group VEF church plants totaled over 8,000 on Easter this past month, a jump of over 1000 from last year! With 22 projects reporting in, that gives us an average of over 360 people per plant on Easter. Our plants also reported more than 30 baptisms on Resurrection Sunday, with many more following during the week!
Here are a few of the many highlights from among our new churches:

Discovery Church in Bristol, just 6 months old, had 364 attending!
Revolution Church in Annapolis, just two years old, had 299.
Mosaic Christian Church in Baltimore had 446 in their new leased facility.
Area 10 Faith Community in Richmond had 397.
LifePointe Church in Toano (Williamsburg) had 277, a new high.
New Life Church in Chantilly/Haymarket had 1752 in their new athletic facility.
Journey Church in Midlothian had 1763, the highest of all our plants.

I’m looking forward to the year, hopefully soon, when we surpass the 10,000 mark on Easter!


How Having Babies is like Planting Churches

Posted in Church Planting on May 24, 2012 by Waypoint Church Partners

author: Kara Simpkins, mother and church planter’s wife
Varsity Christian Church, Chapel Hill, VA 

During a recent “Playbook Session” (informative discussion for people who are new to Varsity) Chad was explaining the concept of church planting and how our church is, in essence, a baby church. That concept got my wheels spinning. I have been totally consumed this week with how planting a church is so similar to preparing/caring for a newborn. The analogies are endless but for what it’s worth, here are a few:

1. You check and double check to make sure you and your husband are truly prepared to be a parent/church planter. You’re marriage is strong – check. You’re ready for the baby – check. You’re faith is sincere – check.

2. You search for a suitable community to call home. A place where your baby/church can thrive and grow.

3. You announce to your family and friends that you are taking the plunge into parenthood/church planting and hope that they will be supportive of your decision/calling.

4. Prenatal/prelaunch care. You do everything you can possibly think of to ensure that your baby/church will be healthy. You take classes, talk to other parents/planters trying to prepare for the birth/launch of your baby/church.

5. You prepare the older siblings/launch team. You explain what their roles will be and what they can expect once the baby/church is born.

6. You cover everything in prayer and hold on for dear life on the day of the baby’s birth/church’s launch day.

7. Now the baby/church is born/launched! You struggle to settle into a new kind of routine, full of new responsibilities, sleepless nights, trying to find some new sense of balance.

8. You reach out to other new parents/planters, hoping that what you’re experiencing is within the realm of normalcy. You try hard not to compare your baby’s/church’s growth with your peers but can’t help but wonder why some babies/churches grow and mature faster than others.

9. As your baby/church grows into a toddler, you are not as concerned with SIDS/failure. Your focus turns to how you will wean your baby/church plant. You hope that they will eventually move through the stages of baby food/outside support and learn to feed themselves/become self-sustaining.

10. You dream of your baby’s/church’s future and pray that they will make a difference in their community.

11. You come to the understanding that your ideas of success for your baby/church may not be the same as His. You realize that your love and hopes for your baby/church pale in comparison to His. You realize that this baby/church was never really “your’s” to begin with and you surrender it to Him.

In the end, things never really go as expected or exactly as planned, but there is a deep peace and joy that comes with letting go and enjoying the craziness known as parenting/church planting.