West Park Church of Christ

author: Dave Hileman, Executive Director

Yesterday I was able to attend a service at West Park Church of Christ in Portsmouth on my way to share one of the VEF programs, Converge, with a growing church, Towne South, near Elizabeth City, NC.

West Park is a vibrant congregation who have grown and grown while wedged into a tiny sliver of property in the midst of the city. What struck me the most this Sunday morning was the passion as he preached and the diligent preparation that went before he ever began to speak that was evident in Keith Lewis’ sermon. You know immediately that this man is steeped in his text and delivers a complex message with hardly a glance at his notes in a most engaging manner. West Park has creatively addressed their property issues several times over the years and evolved their worship services but what drives their growth, in my opinion, is the focus on and and the clear proclamation of the Word of God.

West Park was also instrumental as a partner with the VEF in the forming of Celebration Christian Church.

If you are ever in the area West Park would be a great place to share in a worship service. Check them out at www.wpfamily.org


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