Raising Leaders – Raising Questions

How do you wrestle with the changes in culture?  What do you do when the successful leaders around you are doing a thing one way and you have always been led to believe that it should not be done that way?
Recently, I have had the privilege of being in Fusion Groups where the participants have been discussing just a variety of things that seem to be “sacred cows” in some of our churches and maybe need to be examined.
Some of the topics were:  Should the preacher know the amount a member is giving?  That question generated a spirited debate in a couple of our groups.  Some said definitely not, it may influence how the preacher ministers to that person.  Others felt that if the giving level changed it indicated a spiritual problem that the minister should be aware of.  Others maintained that those who don’t contribute shouldn’t have undue influence in the decisions of the church.
Another was: Do you baptize a person you don’t know anything about when they first come down the aisle? Or to ask the question another way:  What is required for a person to become a member?  The answers were not the same in every group and within the groups there were differences that were discussed.
I think this is one of the beautiful things about the Restoration Movement.  There is unity in the essential elements of our Faith but room for interpretation in areas of opinion.  Perhaps you would like to join the discussion, just give me a call and I’ll try to hook you up with one of our groups.  If there is not a group in your area, I’ll help get one started.

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