author: Harry Gill, Director of Church Relations

I started this book with an incredible amount of dis-interest. I thought that I was a story teller and there was nothing this woman could tell me about storytelling. Annette Simmons has taken the “story” and dissected it in forty ways to Sunday. (There’s an expression for you.) She explains the power of telling a story in about every situation you could ever imagine. She shows how a story can bond the speaker with whatever group is the audience. She also tells about the perils of abusing the “story” technic.

All of us could use the pointers that she shares to make the message we hope to convey more vivid in the minds of those to whom we preach. Remember some of the most important messages that Jesus taught, He taught in parables.

This is an important book for those who wish to make their preaching more memorable and their stories more effective. I give this book a four and one half hazelnut latte salute.


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