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“Hey Jealousy”

Posted in Church Planting, Outside Article Reference on February 10, 2011 by Waypoint Church Partners

January 10th, 2010  –  author: Dave Hileman, Executive Director

How do you react when you hear about another church plant hitting the mega-church 2,000 in attendance mark? What about a record breaking number of baptisms at the church down the road? Do you rejoice or does a piece of your heart feel a twinge of jealousy?

Aaron Saufley is a minister and church planter who struggles with our current definition of a “successful” church. In his article, Hey Jealousy, he wraps up by concluding:

“Nickels and noses aren’t everything.  What truly counts is whether or not people are allowing Jesus to live His life through them.  What really matters is whether the Holy Spirit is leading people through the tough changes that come with repentance and holiness.  Place more emphasis on whether people are loving God, loving people, and living on mission with Jesus rather than how many people show up for your Sunday extravaganza.

“Remember, this is Jesus’ kingdom and not ours.  When we see the greatness of his power throughout the kingdom in churches big and small, our jealousy will melt away and be replaced by simple gratitude for letting us play a part.  May we play our parts well for the glory of Jesus.”

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