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So It Begins…

Posted in Uncategorized on January 28, 2011 by Waypoint Church Partners

author: Chip Prior,
Lead Pastor at Varsity Christian Church
Chapel Hill, NC

This past Sunday, Varsity Church was birthed. All I can say is WOW! For close to a year we have lived in the area to get to this day. It has been so neat to watch God work in our lives and work here.

Launch Day Recap

Of course, everyone wants an update on our day. Simple, it was a great day! I tell everyone that if we can replicate this past Sunday every week, I would be VERY happy. Our set up is simple and easy, our coffee was great, our Junior Varsity program rocks (Kara has done an AMAZING job with the material and the look), the music was incredible and I felt good about the message. As Ice-T likes to say, “Today was a good day.”

I would like to say our launch team is amazing! Really. Our main team may be small but everyone of them is VERY talented and is working in their strengths. Plus, we have been blessed with some in our group who have planted churches or been a part of church plants. A HUGE win!

I would also like to thank my home church, Jefferson, who sent us 13 people this week to help. They have been SO supportive! They are also sending a team of 17 this week AND helping us once a month.

Our attendance for the day was not what we had hoped (our guess 175-200). We had 105 in attendance. Disappointing? Yes. But as I have told many people, now we go to work…

It’s hard to give incredible stories your first weekend, but a couple of good conversations…

One family met me afterwards and told me how they had not been to church in a long time and how this was what they needed (I talked about being a church for people who hadn’t connected in a long time). Good to hear.

The best story was from facebook. I connected with a couple who came on Sunday morning via facebook. Later that evening the wife sends me an email telling us how they enjoyed the day. Then she asked if I knew someone named Carrie Ann and was Carrie Ann my sister-in-law. Come to find out the lady who visited had been an RA for my youngest brother’s wife back in college! They had not connected in 15 years! The couple from Varsity told Carrie Ann I was her pastor. Again, they had not been to church in a long time.

More stories began to be written last weekend. And more will come.

Oakland Christian Church Visit

Posted in Church Visits on January 7, 2011 by Waypoint Church Partners

author: Dave Hileman, VEF Executive Director

Cindy and I shared in the worship at Oakland Christian Church the first Sunday of the new year. The church is located a few miles south of Kenbridge in a beautiful rural setting. While the congregation is few in number they were warm and welcoming and we felt right at home.