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The Importance of Coaching

Posted in Uncategorized on August 19, 2010 by Waypoint Church Partners
Seth Godin makes the case for why you need a coach. Call our Director of Church Relations, Harry Gill, today @ 804.402.6107 and talk with him about coaching.
Excerpt from Seth Godin’s blog:
My contention is that the only reason we ever get through that gap is that someone on the other side is rooting us on, or telling us stories of how great it is on the other side… Every successful product or passion is either easy to get started on or comes with a built-in motivator to keep you moving until you’re in.”
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“Interactive Eucharist” at Common Ground

Posted in Church Planting, Church Visits, Travel, Worship on August 16, 2010 by Waypoint Church Partners

author: Tim Cole, Director of Church Planting

I recently got to visit Common Ground Christian Church, one of our church plants in Fredericksburg, VA led by Gregg Jennings. CGCC made a big move a couple of months ago from the High School in the suburbs where they’ve been meeting for the past couple of years to the auditorium of the historic First Christian Church near downtown. First Christian was founded before the Civil War!

This move will allow them to be much closer to the action for all the community related service they do and to more aggressively reach out to the students at Mary Washington University right across the street. Common Ground’s worship and atmosphere has always been appealing to college students, now they’ll be able to actually walk to church!
Because of the traditional worship service of the host church in the morning, CGCC’s worship service is now at 4pm every Sunday afternoon, followed by “First Supper”, a fellowship meal in the basement each week. Their practice picks up on a recent trend in some circles toward reclaiming the Eucharist as an actual meal to be shared by the Body of Christ, not just the simple elements of communion. I think it’s a great idea. We all know that anytime you can combine worship with homemade noodle salad that has to be a good thing!

We enjoyed the modern worship, the no-nonsense teaching from the Book of 1st Peter, the fellowship meal, but most of all the huge proportion of young children that spilled out of their classrooms to join us as we ate together as a “family.”

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