Book Review: “I Love You More Than My Dog”

author: Dave Hileman, Executive Director

Just finished the book: “I Love You More Than My Dog” by Jeanne Bliss. This book was recommended to me by my very good friend, Amazon Recommendations. I don’t often listen but in this case I am glad I did for the book is as unique as the title. The premise is that you can make five decisions that will drive your clients, customers or members to extreme loyalty, hence the title from a “fan” letter to a company. The five questions are not completely new but the format is interesting and helpful. She breaks down each major decision into several smaller ones and illustrates them with an application from a business or organization. The end of the book provides all the questions in a useful summary.

This book is a tool for the leadership of a church to evaluate how they can better serve their community and their members. There are commonsense and practical methods of engagement that produce a “company people love.” Ought not that to be the Church first!

Click here to buy this book and a portion of the cost will be given back to the VEF!


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