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Book Review: Celtic Way of Evangelism

Posted in Book Review, Thank You on March 31, 2010 by Waypoint Church Partners

author: Dave Hileman, Executive Director

In George Hunter’s book, “The Celtic Way of Evangelism” he outlines how the missionaries to the Irish, especially Patrick, shared their faith with the barbarians and pagans. And then he writes in contrast to those who learn to live with  and love those living far from God that “no major denomination in the United States regards apostolic ministry to pre-Christian outsides as its ‘priority’ or even as ‘normal’ ministry” (p 24) This is infinitely sad on so many levels. How far removed from Jesus’ interaction with the lost and hurting people of his day have we allowed ourselves to fall. How wonderful that there are courageous churches who are doing just that, getting to know, love and serve the “barbarians” who live all around each of us. Thanks.

Click here to buy this book on Amazon and a portion of the profit will be donated to the VEF.

Raising Up Leaders

Posted in Church Planting, Prayer Request on March 29, 2010 by Waypoint Church Partners

author: Dave Hileman, Executive Director

LifePointe Christian Church in Toano took a significant step on Sunday when they set apart three men to serve as their first elders. Elders representing four supporting churches, Northampton Church of Christ, Northside Christian Church, Rich Acres Christian Church and Rappahannock Church of Christ participated in the ceremony as did Frank Forehand, Senior Minister and Phillip Murdock, Associate Minister and Dave Hileman representing the VEF.

LifePointe meets in the Stonehouse Elementary School on Sunday morning at 10:30.

Vivalaverve, Take One.

Posted in Church Planting on March 16, 2010 by Waypoint Church Partners
March 16th, 2010 –    author: Vince Antonucci
Verve Church – Las Vegas, Nevada.
So our first “weekend” of Verve gatherings is complete. I know a lot of people around the country who have been supporting us in all kinds of ways are wondering what happened, so here’s a review:

1. Overall, I thought things went awesome.

2. Our building barely got done on time, which was stressful, but it looks great.

3. All of our creative elements came together and, I thought, were very cool.

4. Our band rocked. In fact, last night we went over (at the invitation of a manager) to the Hard Rock because they are showing interest in booking our band. (I’m not kidding. Sunday was only, I think, the sixth time they had played together, but after hearing them the Hard Rock is talking about maybe having them play. Wild.)

5. I thought the message was clear: No matter who you are, no matter where you’ve been, no matter what you’ve done, God loves you with a perfect love.

6. For people new to church, there was probably a whole lot of Jesus in the message – I just counted, I said “Jesus” at least 41 times. Hard not to talk about someone who loves you that much, and who has changed my life so dramatically.

7. We didn’t count people from out-of-town (and there were a lot). We also didn’t count the adult volunteers in our Children’s Ministry (figuring they would obviously all come to one of the adult services, and we didn’t want to count anyone twice). We tried not to count anyone twice – so, for instance, people like me who were at all the services were only counted once . So our attendance number should be a pretty accurate count not of how many people were there, but of how many people were there who might actually come back next week.

8. The total number was 277.

9. A cool thing is that we designed it to be a “Grand Opening Month” rather than a “Grand Opening Day.” So instead of doing all our advertising before the first Sunday, we have spread it out from March 8 to April 3. So we’re assuming we may get almost as many new people the next few weeks as we did this week.

10. I was surprised that we received 67 Connection Cards on Sunday morning. (Still haven’t heard about Monday night.) Those 67 cards probably represented about 140 people. I assume that someone who fills out a Connection Card at the end of the service enjoyed the service, and is planning on coming back.

11. A bigger surprise is that a bunch of new people left not only telling us they’d be back, but saying they’d bring their friends with them, and even asking for invite cards to give out.

12. Maybe the best thing were the comments we received. TONS of people were raving about their experience. “I didn’t know church could be like this.” “I’ve been waiting for this my entire life.” “Is it really gonna be like this every Sunday?” Several people left in tears. (Good, not bad, tears!) And I’ve received some amazing e-mails from people who felt like their one experience has already begun to change their lives.

So … one weekend down, couple thousand to go. Thanks, so much, to everyone for all the support you’ve given us and helping to make this dream a reality. Vivalaverve.

Content that Keeps People Coming, part three: Have Content!

Posted in Media Communications on March 3, 2010 by Waypoint Church Partners

…Need to catch up?
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In today’s face-paced world of Facebook and Twitter, it may seem like people are throwing around ideas and information faster than you can keep up. The sad truth is, however, most of the information filling your “News Feed” has absolutely no practical application for your life. Why should I care whether Susie just brushed her teeth? Why did Steven broadcast to the world that he is eating soup? The reality is that while they may be communicating a lot of clear, consistent information, the content is irrelevant.

Don’t fall victim to this trap. Just because you’re trying to be consistent, doesn’t mean that you have to have new information on your website every day, or even every week. Highlight what is truly important, and people will come back looking for more.

However, no news is not good news for your church! People want to know what your church is doing for their community on a regular basis. So, be active in seeking out stories of change and hope in your congregation. Do an article on the single mom who found Christ and was baptized last week. Publish how much money was raised at last nights’ Missions bake sale, and where that money is going to go. Write about things that matter to the Kingdom. And if you don’t have any real content to write about… go out and do something worth noting.

Please Pray

Posted in Church Planting, Prayer Request on March 1, 2010 by Waypoint Church Partners

author: Dave Hileman, Executive Director

The management team for the Morgantown Project is meeting on Wednesday in Morgantown West Virginia with a potential planter. We are very excited about this candidate who was chosen unanimously by the team members from resumes and phone interviews from a large pool of applications. Wednesday will be the first face-to-face meeting.

Book Review: “I Love You More Than My Dog”

Posted in Book Review on March 1, 2010 by Waypoint Church Partners

author: Dave Hileman, Executive Director

Just finished the book: “I Love You More Than My Dog” by Jeanne Bliss. This book was recommended to me by my very good friend, Amazon Recommendations. I don’t often listen but in this case I am glad I did for the book is as unique as the title. The premise is that you can make five decisions that will drive your clients, customers or members to extreme loyalty, hence the title from a “fan” letter to a company. The five questions are not completely new but the format is interesting and helpful. She breaks down each major decision into several smaller ones and illustrates them with an application from a business or organization. The end of the book provides all the questions in a useful summary.

This book is a tool for the leadership of a church to evaluate how they can better serve their community and their members. There are commonsense and practical methods of engagement that produce a “company people love.” Ought not that to be the Church first!

Click here to buy this book and a portion of the cost will be given back to the VEF!