Guerrilla Lovers by Vince Antonucci

author: Dave Hileman

Vince Antonucci’s new book, Guerrilla Lovers, has just been released and is available at Amazon. But Guerrilla Lovers is more than just a book It is intended to spark a movement. Vince writes: “I want to spark a revolution, a movement of guerrilla lovers. Yes, reading the book will help, but we’re offering way more. The website will have weekly guerrilla lover video assignments, a community blog where you can share your stories and encourage each other, a guerrilla lover podcast, and more…. I know the movement will be best carried out and spread by communities of faith doing it together. I also know what it’s like to be a pastor and have to come up with sermon series ideas, and weekly messages, and creative content. So we have put together a church campaign/message series to help churches start their own guerrilla lover movement. If you’re a pastor, you need to check it out. We’re offering messages, videos, graphics, and more, and it’s all FREE” at

Want to buy this book? Click Here!


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