Content that Keeps People Coming, part one: Be CLEAR!

author    –    Rachel Price, VEF Director of Media

While I realize that not everyone is aesthetically minded, there are basic concepts of marketing that any minister or ministry volunteer can utilize to communicate announcements and news more effectively. I’ll even do you preachers a favor and put it into a minister-friendly format, by having three distinct points… that all start with the letter “C”.

When you have a lot going on in your church, sometimes it’s hard to fit all of the events into a Sunday morning bulletin or on your website. How do you keep it organized so your average congregant can find the information that applies to them specifically?

Pick TWO fonts.
Let’s use a basic church bulletin as an example. Some churches try to separate different messages by using different font for every announcement. This usually just ends up making your bulletin look jumbled and disorganized. For now, just choose two fonts (you can move up to three if you’re feeling really confident in your design capabilities). Use the bolder, more graphic font as your header, and use the simple, easy to read font below. Then, repeat that same pattern again… and again. This will make your church bulletin more streamline. People will clearly know when one announcement stops and the next one begins. If you have a youth event, go ahead and spring for that third font, but only use it as the header – keep the details of the event in the same basic font you were using before.

Fonts can be a very valuable tool when coming up with an “image” for a certain event, but don’t over complicate it. If you can’t read the text at arms length, try something different. (I personally recommend – they have thousands of free, downloadable fonts for you to play around with).

Want to read more?

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