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From the Exponential Conference

Posted in Church Planting, Travel on April 22, 2009 by djhva

This year three of the main speakers have captured my attention. Tim Keller, who spoke live last year, presented very brief thoughts over video that were all thought-provoking. Marc Choi, lead pastor for in2 Church in NYC was inspirational especially when speaking about the devotion of the Christians in Seoul, Korea where they gather by the thousands for prayer every day of the week starting at 5 AM. Craig Groeschel, who alluded to a redefining experience with God about three years ago, presented a challenge to everyone there to become “third-step” Christians. Not those who believe for the personal benefits (step one) or those who give marginally of themselves in service (step two) but those who are simply sacrificially living each day in obedience to Jesus (step three believers).

Who lives in your town?

Posted in Church Planting, Media Communications on April 13, 2009 by djhva

This, City Data is a super resource that I learned about on Vince Antonucci’s blog. The data is arranged in a very accessible manner and is fairly comprehensive.


Posted in Church Planting, Church Visits on April 7, 2009 by djhva

A short time ago I was in worship at Area 10 and Chris read an email from the manager of the theater that shows the hard work of being Christ’s agents in the city is bearing fruit. He wrote ” I don’t talk much about religion…mainly because I think people talk too much…and do too little when it comes to God’s work. But from what I’ve seen thus far, the people of Area 10 are exactly the opposite: following a plan and doing good directly…”

VEF Guys are men of prayer

Posted in Prayer Request on April 1, 2009 by hrgill

VEF guys (pronounced vef) are men and women of prayer and I have a friend and a church that is need of your prayers today.  Can you take a minute and pray for an un-named guy who is hurting in the work of the Lord?  Can you pray for the survival of a congregation that needs lifted up to the Heavenly Father?  Sure you can and sure you will!  Thanks guys and gals